Why Do I Need a Harness Adapter?

Parrot is a world leader in aftermarket bluetooth car kits. Being designed in Europe where automotive radio connectors were frequently of the standard ISO type, all models of Parrot are now produced with matching ISO connectors. US and Canada vehicles are different - even those manufactured in Europe for the US market. We are only aware of a very few US domestic or import model that uses the standard ISO connectors that come with the Parrot kit! Even though the Parrot literature calls their control box a "universal" interface, trying to plug the Parrot connectors into your car is like trying to put a square peg into a round hole. In the past, US installers of Parrot kits have had to get very creative to install Parrot products. They have frequently tapped into the 32 individual connections of the Parrot harness and hand wired them into your vehicle. This has led to considerable expense, modifications of the existing vehicle's wiring, forfeiting the mute feature which is an important part of the Parrot experience and having to hardwire a remote speaker under the dash. The latter is probably the most disturbing compromise, since the Parrot audio was designed to emanate from the existing car audio system for a surround sound effect. For music streaming, it is absolutely essential that this integration takes place. Finally, there is always the risk of a wiring mistake even in the best of hands.
Our adapters were designed to do all the work for you - often without cutting or splicing a single wire!

Which Parrot Kits are compatible with your Adapters?

Our adapters are fully compatible with all current and past Parrot handsfree and music streaming kits.  Take a look at our harness page - we now have harnesses for nearly every vehicle sold in the US and Canada. If you don't see what you are looking for, drop us a line. We are constantly releasing new harnesses for a variety of vehicles.

Do you have an adapter for the Parrot Asteroid radio?

The original Parrot Asteroid and the Asteroid Smart are replacement radios and would use a radio replacement harness and possibly a radio bezel from a company such as metraonline.com, scosche.com or installer.com. Many people find that it is easiest to cut off the double black ISO plug at the end of the Asteroid harness and connect the wires, color for color with the radio replacement harness. This will then convert the Asteroid harness wires to the plug type used by your car. This info is provided as-is, so please discuss this with a qualified car audio shop who is well versed at radio replacement harnesses and bezels.


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