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*Features described for Parrot units are available only if supported by your cell phone. Prices subject to change without notice. Not responsible for typographical errors. Parrot units carry the full North America warranty. For replacement parts, simply call 1-877-9Parrot. Due to the fact that we never sell previously sold Parrot units, we cannot take Parrot units back for refund. Our harnesses do carry a 30 day money back guarantee less shipping and handling if returned in new condition. So if you purchase both a Parrot unit and a harness from us, and the harness is not satisfactory, you must be willing to consider an alternative and perhaps custom and more costly installation method for your Parrot kit.
"No-cut" design!
Quick Connect is proud to present its "No Cut" Plug 'n Play harness adapters designed for fast installation of a Parrot Handsfree Bluetooth kit in your car, truck or SUV - often without cutting, splicing or tapping a single wire!

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Please note: Quick Connect Products, LLC has made every attempt to provide model, make and year information which is as complete and accurate as possible. Occasionally, a harness may not fit a particular vehicle, in which case we offer a 30 day money back guarantee. Adapters are provided as-is. You are responsible for determining that your vehicle harness matches the picture provided on our website and for verifying the suitability of this adapter to your particular vehicle. Professional installation is recommended. Our maximum liability is limited to the original purchase price of the adapter.