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About Us

Hands-free laws are being passed by many municipalities in North America and the rest of the world. A system of integrating hands-free kits easily and efficiently into vehicles has been sought. In general, end-users and car audio installation shops have had to hand wire the kits into cars which is a lengthy and inefficient process. There is also always the risk of a wiring mistake when hand wiring a hands-free kit, even in the best of circumstances. Installers have frequently tapped into 32 individual connections of the car wiring harness and hands-free kit in order to integrate a system into the vehicle. This has led to considerable expense, modifications of the existing vehicle's wiring, forfeiting the mute feature which is an important part of the hands-free experience and having to hardwire a remote speaker under the dash. The latter is probably the most disturbing compromise, since the audio was designed to emanate from the existing car audio system for a stereo sound effect – especially when streaming music over Bluetooth®.

In order to comply with hands-free laws, a method was required to accommodate efficient and safe installations in thousands of vehicles in a short period of time. We developed modular harnesses which are designed to be the intermediary plug and play device between the hands-free carkit and the stereo system of the vehicle – often without tapping or cutting a single wire.

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