Bluetooth Handsfree VW-Audi Retrofit Kit

Activate the Steering Wheel Phone Button in 15 minutes or Less!

With the new "All in One" QCVWS-3 Quick Connect Harness

Totally Plug and Play at the back of your radio

For Golf, GTI, Rabbit, Jetta, GLI, EOS, Passat, and Tiguan cars that have the Single Button Multifunction Steering Wheel
Also fits Audi 2006-2008 A3, A4 with NAVplus and all 2007-2008 Audi A3, A4

Also works with Touareg using the Volume buttons to Make and Answer Calls!

(Touareg's without a phone button can be used with just the volume button to answer and end a call)

Installing this kit will allow you to use the “phone” and “volume” buttons on your steering wheel to control the functions of the Parrot CK3000 Evolution Bluetooth module. It requires no splicing of wires and can be removed without a trace at any time.

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While the Motorola kit may be sold at VW dealers and, if purchased with the vehicle, falls under the warranty, it really has no advantages over any other aftermarket BT kit. The controller button is exposed and the microphone is pasted to the headliner - strictly aftermarket.

The Parrot (quickconnect) solution on the other hand, is a very elegant aftermarket solution. The unit is truly plug-and-play with no splicing required (the Moto kit requires a splice for power). The phone button on the steering wheel controls the BT functions and a few members have found ways of integrating the microphone either under the steering column or in the factory position - making for a fully hidden and fully functional BT device...

See the installation video


Installation requires: Parrot CK3000 Evolution kit, SW101 steering wheel control box and QCVWS-3 (tm) harness. Note microphone at top of image. Not a single loose wire to connect.

There are no wires to cut, splice or tap for factory-like bluetooth and with nothing to mount on the dash! The little controller that comes with the Parrot 3000 Evolution Kit is not used with this setup. Your steering wheel phone button does all the work!

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